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Our objective - to let you discover Guatemala on a relaxing and intelligent holiday through our extensive knowledge and love of this country.
A flexible approach - each one of our trips is custom made to help you travel in an autonomous and responsible way. You decide on which of our services you require. Our size and structure allows us to conduct a detailed, personalized study of all your needs.
Who we are - an international team founded in 1988 and managed by Jean-Luc Braconnier. Recommended in the guide "Route of the Mayas" (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc./Random House, New York and Toronto; Everyman/London; Touring Editore/Rome; Dumont/Berlin; Pascal/Warsaw; Ascheloug/Oslo; Owl/Taiwan; Dobosha/Tokyo). Many of our tours are sold abroad by well-known tour operators specializing in Guatemala. For 20 years we have been operating treks in Guatemala for major specialist European agencies.
A natural and cultural destination - ancestral costumes and textiles, the Caribbean, colourful markets, Easter Week, Garifunas, handicrafts, indigenous villages, lakes, mangroves, Mayan sites, the Mayan World, mountainous landscapes, the Pacific, patron saints' days, pre-Columbian archeology, processions, Spanish colonial art, traditions, tropical forests, volcanoes, ... and much more.
Ek Chuah is the Mayan God of cocoa, merchants and travellers, and appears in the Dresden Codex.
Textiles in Chichicastenango.    Campsite in the Cuchumatanes.
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